MAW Decals 35-MAW001: November Hueys

Units: HMM-263 and HML/A-167


$11.99 direct from MAW Decals


Scott Van Aken

For their first 1/35 scale sheet, MAW Decals has chosen the UH-1N Huey. These aircraft are reliable machines and some of the oldest in the USN/USMC inventory. This particular sheet is for more current aircraft and may need upgrade parts that are not supplied in the kits. All of the options are in the tactical paint scheme of FLS 36375 with the very upper surfaces in FS 35237. As these are helicopters, they are probably a bit on the grungy side so don't hesitate to add some soot stains and scuff marks.

As they appear on the sheet, the first option is from HMM-261 'The Thunderchickens' of the 24th MEU in May of 2004

Second is from HML/A-167 'The Warriors' in April of 2005 as is the third option, though from February of 2006

The sheet includes common markings and IR slime lights for all three aircraft. Hueys were not festooned with a myriad of data markings like fast jets so decaling is going to be a relatively painless experience. These decals are superbly printed by Cartograf of Italy so you know that the quality and clarity is there.

Overall a fine sheet and my thanks to MAW Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the link above.

March 2009

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