Three Guys Replicas 48-013: Macchi MC.205

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Scott Van Aken


This particular sheet is a bit of an oldie as it was printed in 1996. It offers five different Macchi MC.205 options. The set offers a variety of camouflage schemes including some that are post war as Macchi did produce aircraft after the war.

First up is one in RLM 74/75/76 that was with the ANR in early 1944. You are given several options on ANR wing insignia.

Another ANR plane is in Italian colors of light brown over light grey with olive green 'smoke rings'.

Third is an early 205 with the Reggia Aeronautica in mid 1943. This has the same colors as the previous option, but the green is in splotches and there is a white fuselage band. Note that on Italian paint options, the upper colors wrap around the leading edge of the wings and tailplanes.

The first of two Egyptian planes is in middlestone and dark olive green over azure blue. White fuselage band is standard on both options along with white/black wing tip stripes.

The second Egyptian offering has the dark olive green replaced with dark earth. Both the patterns are broad and are not identical and the instructions provide full camo markings for all the options.

Instructions are well done and provide info on each options. There are stencils enough for the three Italian planes as the Egyptian ones did not carry stencils, even though the stencil placement guide uses one of those options. Despite their age, the decals are printed by Microscale so are probably still quite usable.

To my knowledge, there have been two 1/48 Macchi 205s produced in injected plastic. One is by Tauro which is best avoided and the other by Hasegawa. Most will choose the latter.

November 2019

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