Techmod 48-078: Bf-109G-2

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Scott Van Aken

This new sheet covers three Bf-109G-2s from the Finnish AF during 1943/44. Well, actually it covers two different planes, but you'll see how this works out in the description. There is no recommended kit, though most will choose either the Hasegawa or the Hobbycraft kit. You may want to check photos of these planes to see if the wheels are correct. Some G-2s used the spoked versions from the earlier F models and some the solid wheels from the later G-4/G-6. The drawings with the decals intimate that the spoked variety were used.

First option is for MT-213 as flown by Lt. E. Riihikallio in May of 1944. This aircraft has been repainted in Finnish colors of Olive Green and Black uppers with Blue Grey undersides. Yellow ID markings on the nose, fuselage and lower wing tips.

Next is an aircraft in the delivery scheme, complete with German radio code letters. This is in RLM 74/75/76 and has heavy fuselage side mottling. The lower wings and fuselage have a yellow band.

The third and fourth plane are the same aircraft, MT-222 as flown by W/O I. Juutilainen in July of 1943. In fact this is the exact same plane as the one previous, only with Finnish AF markings and a yellow nose band. The other option is without the Ace of Diamonds marking which was on the plane only a short time. The former Luftwaffe markings were painted out with what may be RLM 70.

In with this set are two mask goodies. The red is a canopy mask for one aircraft. A good deal for greenhouse type canopies such as used by the 109. The other is a mask for the black/white spinner, the lower wing tip yellow bits and the fuselage band, also for one aircraft. You'll have to mask the nose band yourself.

The full color instructions are absolutely top grade and provide an excellent data placement guide. The sheet is superbly printed and though there is only data for one plane, you could easily do all three basic aircraft with the rest of the markings provided.

December  2006

Review copy courtesy of  Adalbertus, Techmod sole export representative

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