Superscale 72-808: Bf-109 Aces

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Scott Van Aken

With Superscale's return to 1/72 sheets, it was inevitable that they'd get around to doing some popular Luftwaffe subjects. This sheet covers three of them. All are flying various versions of the Bf-109. There are a number of good kits for the Bf-109G-6, most will choose the Hasegawa version. For the F, that is another story. So far, there is no really good kit of this important variant in 1/72. Frog, JoHan and Italeri have done F kits.

First up is Hans-Joachim Marseilles' Bf-109F/Z trop. It is in RLM 79 over RLM 78 with an RLM 04 (not 78) lower cowling. Theater markings on the nose, lower wing tips and fuselage are in white.

Next is Gerhard Barkhorn's  Bf-109G-6 in the usual RLM 74/75/76 scheme. Lower cowling, wing tips and fuselage band are in yellow.

Finally Erich Hartmann's Bf-109G-6. This version has the Erla Haube canopy and is also in RLM 74/75/76. It has the yellow band around the fuselage in RLM 04.

The sheet supplies insignia and fuselage bands for all three aircraft as well as stencil data for two. The upper camo scheme for Barkhorn's and Hartmann's plane should be considered provisional as there were many different possible schemes for the upper wings and tailplanes. This area was rarely well photographed.

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