Superscale 72-750 for B-24 Liberators

Units: 343 BS/98 BG




Scott Van Aken

Here's a sheet for early B-24s. Specifically, this is for planes of the 98rd BG. All of them are Sand over Neutral Grey with yellow surround insignia. All have de-icer boots and appear to have the lower turrets removed. This turret has been replaced by a single .50 calibre gun firing out of the lower crew entry hatch. Side windows have been enlarged to offer the gunner some peripheral vision.

There is a theme to these planes in that they are named after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a movie that was new and quite popular at the time. Many of these planes took part in the disastrous Ploesti raid of 1943, though a couple seemed to have been renamed prior to that raid.

There are basically two kits available for the early B-24 in 1/72 scale. One is by Revell, which while rather old, is still an acceptable model. Most everyone else will be using the newer Academy kit. Regardless of which kit you use, it will make for a most interesting model, especially if you do four of them!

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