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Superscale 72-684 for B-24J Liberator





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Scott Van Aken




If you have been reading some of my other decal sheet and kit reviews on this plane, you know that the Liberator is one of those 'unsung heroes' of the air war over Europe. The B-17 got all the press while the B-24 flew more missions and dropped more tonnage. However, the B-24 isn't glamorous looking, being more akin to a brick with wings than anything else. It was those wings that made the Liberator a superior bomber. Long and thin, they allowed the B-24 to have excellent range, enabling the Liberator to penetrate deeper into enemy territory and carrying a heavier bomb load that the B-17. This range also made it the bomber of choice in the Pacific War.

This sheet offers up two aircraft. There are enough insignia to do both aircraft.

The first is 'Little Lambsey Divey' from a popular song of the time. This 755 BS/458 BG Liberator is camouflaged in Olive Drab uppers with Neutral Grey undersides. Ignore that light gull grey thing that is in the instruction sheet as that is really too light. The outer fin is gloss red with a a white stripe that you will have to paint.

Next is a 784 BS/466 BG aircraft named 'Duffy's Tavern'. This one is in overall natural metal, so grab the Metallizer, SnJ, or Alclad II for this one! The outer fin is orange with a white stripe.

The sheet includes upper and lower illustrations as well as nose and tail close-ups to help with painting and decal placement.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet. 

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