Superscale 72-759: F7U-3M Cutlass

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Scott Van Aken

Designed to be the latest in Naval fighters, the Chance-Vought F7U Cutlass was just a bit too advanced for its own good. A rather radical design for a ship-board fighter, the Cutlass had a rather long gestation period, which resulted in not that many planes being built, followed by a rather short active service life. One of the final versions to be built was the F7U-3M, the M standing for Missiles and that meant first generation Sparrows. All -3 Cutlass' were either left in bare metal or painted in the then new Light Gull Grey over White scheme. For kits in 1/72 there really is only one and thankfully, it is the very nice Fujimi version. Though not currently in their catalogue, the kit isn't difficult to find.

First up is an aircraft from VA-12 with the rudder and lower aft fin in the same blue as the decal's lightning bolt. The wing tips are also in this blue.

Next up is a VA-212 aircraft with the tip of the tail and wing tips in yellow. Like all three planes, it is in natural metal.

Finally, from VF-124 and airplane with a black fin tip. These markings are similar to ones supplied in the kit.

The sheet provides insignia and walkways for one aircraft.

Review copy courtesy of me and my quest for the old!

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