Superscale 72-536: E-2 Hawkeye

Units: VAW-114 & VAW-115


Out of Production


Scott Van Aken

The only E-2 Hawkeye kit done in injected plastic for the masses has been done by Fujimi in all the major variants. They started with the E-2A and then added the bits to make a B and finally a C version, that has also been reboxed by Heller. This sheet covers an E-2B and E-2C, both in light gull grey over white. This sheet is from the years when Superscale was pretty much the top dog and so they allowed the quality of their sheets and instructions to stagnate. The instructions are not very good though do supply placement info and that is about it. There are insignia and data markings to do one aircraft.

The E-2B is from VAW-115 aboard the USS Midway when it was homeported in Japan. It was the last regular fleet squadron to fly the B model (and a lot of other types). This one is the ever-popular CAG bird. There is a huge Liberty Bell atop the rotodome.

From VAW-114 comes this E-2C. It has little 'hawgs' running around the edge of the rotodome as well as some pretty colorful stripes. Too bad no one did the 114 markings with the huge 'hawg' on the forward fuselage!

Review copy courtesy of me and my diligent searching through piles of decals at swap meets.

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