Superscale 72-163 for B-24 Liberators

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Scott Van Aken

Here is a colorful sheet on B-24 Liberators. Several B-24 units has very flamboyant markings on them that covered the fins and portions of the stabilizer. Others had very large nose art. The nice, flat side of the fuselage provided an excellent canvas for unit artists! As with many decal sheets of this time period, the insignia are not included so must be found on other sheets, the spares box or from the kit itself.

First on the list is a B-24J of the 64 BS/43 BG called 'COCKTAIL HOUR'. This plane is in overall natural metal and has a rather large nose art.

Next is 'THE GOON' form the 308th BG of the 14th AF. This OD and Neutral Grey B-24D has early yellow surround insignia.

From the 759th BS/459 BG comes this B-24M. Though it has nose art, it is unnamed. It also has very vivid black and yellow checkers on portions of the tail and horizontal stabilizer.

Another B-24M is this yellow-tailed pathfinder from the 704 BS/446 BG. As with the previous plane, it is in overall bare metal.

'RED RAIDERS' is a B-24J in OD over Neutral Grey. Though not the most colorful, it does have a very large nose art.

Finally, this is a formation ship from the 445th BG. War weary planes, like this B-24D were painted in outlandish schemes and had lights installed to help formate bomb groups prior to heading out to their targets, This one is painted in yellow and blue so should have been easy to spot!

For kits in 1/72, you have your choice of several, the widest variety being from Minicraft, who do all the major versions. For a J model, there is the old Airfix kit and for the D, Revell. Due to the age of these decals, I'd say they were designed for the Airfix or Revell kits. However, they should also work on the Minicraft version.

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