Superscale 72-024: B-24 Liberator

Units: See review


$ sheet is over 25 years old


Scott Van Aken


This is one of Microscale/Superscale's earliest sheets and covers famous B-24 Liberators. Just to give you an idea of its age, the recommended kits are Airfix's B-24J and Revell's B-24D. Nowadays, the Minicraft kits will be the ones chosen. There are a lot of aircraft on this sheet, but all the common markings and insignia will have to come from the kit or some other source.

First of all is 'Strawberry Bitch' from the 512th BS/376 BG. It is in Sand uppers and Neutral Grey undersides. This plane is in the USAF Museum and has red bordered insignia.

Next is 'Lazy Lou' of the 446th BG in OD over Neutral Grey. The outer fin/rudder is yellow with a black stripe.

From the 307th BG is this B-24J, 'Heather Angel' again in OD and Neutral Grey. Fin tip is red.

Another B-24D is 'the Witch' from the 98th BG. It is painted Desert Pink over Aircraft Grey with red bordered insignia.

'Betsy' is a J model from the 90th BG with the large skull and crossbones on the fin.

Finally, there is 'Calamity Jane' from the 307th BG. The upper fin is red with a red spot below it and on the upper port horizontal stabilizer.

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