Superscale 48-921: Bf-109G-6

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Scott Van Aken

This second 109 sheet is all for mid war G-6 variants. These are in RLM 74/75/76 with varying levels of mottling on the fuselage. For kits, there are a few more choices, but most will go with the Hasegawa for #1, followed by the Fujimi G-6 (again, not the G-K kit). Others from Otaki/Arii/AMT are not bad, but not as good. As with the previous 109 sheet, this one has full insignia and a light data selection for all planes.

First up is Herbert Rollwage's Black 2 from 5./JG 53 in Italy during 1943. It has the typical theater markings of white fuselage band and rudder. The spinner has a wide white spiral.

Next up is from IV./JG 3, also in Italy during 1943. It is lacking the white rudder, but Franz Beyer's aircraft has the interesting IV gruppe marking aft of the fuselage band. His plane also has a yellow lower cowling and wide spinner spiral.

From Greece in 1943 is Ernst Dullberg's aircraft. Again, a white fuselage band and this time, both the fin and rudder are painted white with Ernst's kill tally on it.

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