Superscale 48-920: Bf-109K-4

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Scott Van Aken

Now this is what I like to see; a Bf-109 sheet. Superscale has not been a prolific as some others in this regard, but has now presented us with a nice sheet for three late war K-4 variants. For kits in 1/48, there are two good ones. First the Fujimi newer release K-4 (not the G-K kit) and the Hasegawa version. Revell AG has put out its older G-10 as a K-4, and while it is a good effort, it isn't up to the standards of the Japanese kits. All of these seem to be in varying patterns of RLM 81/82/76, providing an interesting contrast to the various schemes provided for this plane.

First up is a 9./JG 77 plane with the medium fuselage demarcation line and the fuselage sides sprayed in RLM 02 before more mottling in the upper surface colors was applied.

Next is a III./JG 77 plane with a very high fuselage demarcation line but similar treatment as the above one in terms of the fuselage sides. This one also has the green backing to the fuselage cross.

Finally, an 11./JG 53 plane with its black Reich Defense band. This one has a very low fuselage demarcation line with only the fin and rudder having any blotches. It was unusual to see a plane with a Reich Defense band and a unit badge this late in the war, but this one seems to have both.

Full insignia and the typical minimal data markings that were common in late war for all.

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