Superscale 48-887: FW-190A-3,5,6

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Scott Van Aken


The second new sheet covers some earlier 190s. Again, the standard fighter camo of RLM 74/75/76 is used. For kits, Dragon for the A-5/6 versions and Tamiya for the earlier Fw-190A-3 would be the ones I'd recommend. This sheet also includes enough insignia for all three planes.

First up is black 1 of WilhelmMoritz from 11./JG 1 in 1942. This 190A-3 has no side mottling. The underside of the engine cowl is probably yellow, though the instructions provide no color.

From 1./NJGr 10 is this A-6 version. White 9 is the aircraft of Gunter Migge and has a yellow spinner with a black spiral. A black area behind the exhaust is supplied as a decal. This aircraft has a 74/75 fuselage mottling.

Finally Erich Hondt's Black 13, from 2./JG 11 during 1943. This A-5 version has an all white empennage and spinner with a yellow lower cowl. It carries a red fuselage stripe (which for a long time was thought to be yellow and that's how I built my Academy A-5 many years ago!). Fuselage mottling is in RLM 74, making for a rather colorful aircraft as mid war 190s go.

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