Superscale 48-886: FW-190A-4,5,8

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Scott Van Aken


Feeling that perhaps the FW-190 is being overlooked, Superscale brings two new sheets this time. The first is this sheet that covers a nice variety. It also includes enough insignia to do all three versions

First is an FW-190A-4 of Wolfgang Kosse of 1./JG 5 in Norway during 1942. As with most 190s of this period, it is in standard fighter camo of RLM 74/75/76, with a light side mottling of RLM 74. His White 10 has a yellow rudder and lower cowling with a yellow tip on the spinner.

Fritz Wickop's 190A-5, Black 1, is from his time with 5./JG 1 in 1943. It is in standard fighter camo but with a huge eagle on the side of the fuselage. No mottling, but a yellow lower cowling and a large white tip to the spinner.

Finally, Blue 1, an A-8 variant of August Schneider of 9./JG 5 in 1945. This aircraft is also in standard figher camo with a white spinner and black spiral. light 74/75 mottling on the fuselage. To my eyes, the blue markings for this aircraft are quite dark and should be a lighter shade.

Dragon has done all of these variants and that is probably the preferred kit. Otaki also does a passable A-8 version.

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