Superscale 48-864: Bf-109F-2

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Scott Van Aken

Starting off on the second 109 sheet are a trio of 109F-2s. Now you have really only the Hasegawa kit for this unless you want to backdate the Airfix 109F somewhat. As with the previous sheet, the base colors for these planes are RLM 74/75/76.

First aircraft is Gustav Sprick's black 13 from 8./JG 26 in 1941. His plane has a full yellow nose and yellow rudder. the sides are very heavily mottled in RLM 74.

From II./JG 51 is Hartmann Gasser's aircraft. It has a very thin yellow fuselage band and a rather odd presentation of the Kommodore's markings. A hold-over from the 109Es of this unit is the crow with an umbrella on the rear fuselage.

Finally from I./JG 52 is Karl-Heinz Leesmann's aircraft from the 1941 time frame. It also has the yellow nose and rudder with a spinner that is halved in black and white. Mottling is pretty well standard for this aircraft.

This sheet uses the same upper wing marking guide as the previous one. Frankly, I wouldn't use it as these planes undoubtedly had the more common splinter markings. As most of you will use the Hasegawa kit for these markings, I suggest using the kit wing painting plan as a guide.  As with the previous sheet, there are enough insignia for all three planes and enough data markings for two.

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