Superscale 48-863: Bf-109G-5/6

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Scott Van Aken

I'm glad to see more 109 sheets and this one from Superscale carries some rather unusual aircraft on it. All of them are painted in RLM 74/75/76 as the base color with some rather interesting patterns on the fuselage sides. The upper wing pattern is somewhat different on these planes as well in that they are not the usual splinter design but something a lot more flowing than the norm. Since that part of the plane was rarely photographed, I'm not sure how much liberty has been taken regarding this pattern. I suggest checking out the various references, if you can, before committing yourself in this regard.

The first is a rather rare Bf-109G-5/AS as flown by Gunther Specht of II./JG 11 in 1944. Your best basis for this particular aircraft would be the Hobbycraft Bf-109G-10 kit. It has the required small wheel bumps on the wing and short tail wheel in the 'unused' parts of the sprue that would be good for this version. It has a yellow Reich Defense band and a very tight spinner spiral. In this case, you paint the spinner white and apply the black decal.

Next is a standard G-6 from Wilhelm Schilling of 9./JG 54. Again, a fuselage band for Reich Defense, but in medium blue this time. It also has a tight spinner spiral.

Finally, from 7./JG 3 in 1943 is thie G-6 of Karl-Heinz Langer. His White 1 has the nice white comet markings on the nose section. It also has a non-standard fuselage paint application and the entire upper fuselage is in one shade; RLM 74. The spinner is 2/3 black and 1/3 white.

All in all, a very nice selection of aircraft for your next Bf-109G-6 model.

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