Superscale 48-853: FW-190A-3/4

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet is the second 190 release of this sequence and contains markings for early 190s. Sort of. All are in the RLM 74/75/76 scheme and all have yellow rudders. Again, no specific kits are given, but the easiest is Tamiya for the A-3 and Dragon for the A-4 version

First is Yellow 2 from 9./JG 2. It is the aircraft of Joseph Wurmheller, an ace with 102 kills. As with most JG 2 aircraft, this one has a stylized eagle on the forward section of the aircraft that basically is used to mask the engine soot from the exhaust. Note that this one has grey on the inside of the fuselage cross.

Next is Black 1 from III./JG 2. It has a yellow underside to the cowling and like the previous plane, is an A-4 variant.

Now for the 'big glitch'. Black 13 is shown on the sheet, but actually printed is black 8. Now I have no idea if this is a similar aircraft or not, but I do think it is probably a later variant, judging from the spinner spiral that is supplied. Hopefully Superscale will print the proper profile for this plane on their website (when it comes back up). As many have pointed out, "Black 8" is actually an A-8/R-8 "Sturmbock" variant flown by Willi Maximowitz of JG 3.

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