Superscale 48-852: Fw-190A-4/5

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Scott Van Aken


Getting back into Luftwaffe subjects, this latest sheet from Superscale is for the FW-190A-4/5. Not much is new in this one as it brings back some old favorites. No recommended kit is provided. For the A-4 version, you can use the Dragon kit or update the Tamiya A-3. For the A-5, you'll have to find a Dragon A-8 and do some backdating as the A-5 had the longer forward fuselage.

First off is an old standard, Hermann Graf's Fw-190A-5 with the red 'tulip' nose markings and the fancy red/yellow rudder. This aircraft is in the usual RLM 74/75/76.

Next is Hannes Trauloft's aircraft when he was Kommodore of JG 54. His A-4 is in a white upper surface color with yellow on the fuselage band, lower wing tips and lower cowling. The underside is standard RLM 76

In a very similar paint scheme is White 8 from 1./JG 54. The decal sheet provided the yellow fuselage band for those who don't want to paint this area.


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