Superscale 48-828: Bf-109E-4/7

Units: JG 52 & SKG 210




Scott Van Aken

I always welcome more 109 decal sheets. Not sure why as I've way more markings options in my stash than kits, but it is always nice to have a choice.

This particular sheet covers two aircraft. Superscale has optioned to offer full markings for both aircraft  and that takes up much of the sheet. No need for any others when it comes to data or insignia. In fact, the data placement guide is particularly well done, though I'm not sure that all the data markings are actually needed.

First aircraft is from III./SKG 210 which was a ground attack or Jabo geschwader that flew a rather wide variety of aircraft. This 109E-7B  was painted in RLM70/71/65 with the upper fuselage in overall RLM 70. The mottling on this one is rather heavily done, but pretty much overcome by the yellow wasp marking on the nose. Spinner was RLM 25 green. The sheet includes the rear fuselage band, but you may want to paint that on as you will have to do the underside of the wing tips anyway.

The other is a 109E-3 that has been updated with an E-4 canopy and windscreen. It is from the all Croatian 15.JG 52 and has the Croat badge under the cockpit. Nose, lower wing tips and fuselage band are all in yellow. Camo for this one is RLM 71/02/65. As with the previous aircraft, it served on the Russian Front in 1941.

For kits you have a wide variety, but most will choose the Hasegawa or Tamiya kit.

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