Superscale 48-814:Fw-190 Ground Attack Aces

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Scott Van Aken


It is not too often that one finds a sheet for the ground attack Fw-190. Basically, these planes were built side by side with the fighter variants. Initially, they were just modifications of the standard plane and not given a different model number. However, this changed with the introduction of the Fw-190F. Early dash numbers were basically a 190A-5/6 version with the outer guns removed and bomb racks installed. With the introduction of the Fw-190A-8, the ground attack version used the same dash number, becoming the F-8. Like others, it had the outer wing guns removed to make room for the bomb racks. These were built until the end of hostilities in 1945.

This sheet is on ground attack Aces. I can only assume that they mean those who had destroyed armored vehicles to achieve this status as none of the planes show the usual kill markings on the fin. All of these planes are listed as being RLM 74/75/76, the standard paint scheme for fighters. They  are all Eastern Front aircraft so have the yellow fuselage band and lower wing tips. The two F-2 versions have this color under the cowling as well. Data markings are provided for one aircraft and insignia/fuselage bands for three of the four.

First is Maj. Alfred Druschel's 190F-2 in mid 1943. His aircraft carries no mottling on the fuselage.

Similarly marked is Hptm. Georg Dorffel's F-2 from early 1943. However, his aircraft has tropical filters installed.

Lt. Herman Buchner achieved 58 kills and his F-8 is shown as it was in Rumania in mid 1944. Mottling is in RLM 74.

The ace of aces when it comes to Schlactflieger pilots is Obfwl. August Lambers of 5./SG 2. He achieved 116 kills and his A-5 is shown as it was in November 1943.

Before you send me e-mails. Hans Rudel (who had around 500 kills) was a Stukaflieger pilot. There is a difference.

For kits, you have both Dragon and Tamiya to choose from. Frankly, finding the Dragon kits will not be that easy as they seem to have basically been snapped up by greedy 190 enthusiasts! Hopefully Revell or someone else will choose to rebox these kits in the future. BTW, you could probably use the ProModeler 190G for some of these planes as the 190G was nothing more than a long-ranged early F model.

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