Superscale 48-810: Bf-109F/G Aces

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Scott Van Aken

Whaddya know? Another 109 sheet! This is good if you like 109s and I do. This one has a combination of F and G models. It also concentrates on ace's aircraft. Now some of these may have been seen before over the decades. However, 109 sheets sell very well and pretty fast. When a company only does 500 examples of a sheet (as do most all decal companies), you can see that something popular sells out pretty fast.

First on this sheet is the G-6 of Gordon Gollub while he was Kommondore of JG 77 in 1942. Because of the early date, this must have been on of the first G-6s around. Actually, I'm thinking 1943 is more than likely as production of the G-6 didn't start until October of 1942. Anyway, it is listed as RLM 82/83 over RLM 76. Again, these upper colors have to be locally produced ones as RLM 82/83 were not used on new aircraft until 1944 at the earliest. Eastern Front units often experimented with local paints for camouflaging their aircraft. This one has full Eastern front markings which consist of the lower cowling, lower wing tips the fuselage band in RLM 04 yellow.

Yellow 5 is the mount of 6./JG 52's Walter Krupinsky. His 109G-2 is also in full Eastern Front markings and in the standard RLM 74/75/76 of the time.

Finally, an F-4/trop of Gustav Rodel from 4./JG 27. His very plain aircraft is in RLM 79 over RLM 78 and has the usual Mediterranean theater markings of white nose, lower wing tips and fuselage band. This aircraft also has a yellow lower cowling, a most unusual marking for a desert 109.

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