Superscale 48-809: Bf-109F-4

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Scott Van Aken

Does 109 stuff sell? Sure does. If it didn't, we wouldn't be seeing a new decal sheet practically every week. To go along with the most recent Bf-109F-4 reissue from Hasegawa, this sheet has three of them.

First is yellow 1 from 10.(Jabo)/JG 3. This one is listed as RLM 70 upper with an intermediate shade of RLM 83 and a lower RLM 76. I'm not so sure about the RLM 83 as this is a late war color and not around when the F was the premier 109 in 1942. I'd be willing to guess that this 'RLM 83' is a home brew color of some sort. This aircraft has a white rudder as well to add some interest.

Next is Gunther Lutzow's aircraft when he was Kommodore of JG 3. It has the usual Eastern front markings and includes a yellow rudder and full yellow nose. It is in RLM 74/75/76, though the fuselage pattern is not standard.

Finally the aircraft of the Technical Officer of stabII./JG 77. It is also in RLM 74/75/76 and in full Eastern Front markings. This one also has a full yellow nose with considerable fuselage mottling.

Most of you will head for the Hasegawa kit, but be aware that there is an Airfix offering in this scale as well. Not up to today's full expectations, but still a viable kit.

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