Superscale 48-777 for Bf-109G-2/6 Aces

Units: JG 5 and JG 27




Scott Van Aken

Who doesn't like Bf-109 sheets? I can't think of anyone! This sheet continues with Superscale's recent releases for planes of the aces. On this sheet are three for the 109G.

First is White 4 of Major Weissenberger who eventually amassed 208 kills. This is his 1943 109G-2 he flew while  Staffelkapitan  of 7./JG 5 in Finland. It is in a relatively standard RLM 74/75/76 with yellow under wing tips and his score on the rudder. Interestingly, there is no swastika on the tail. I'm not sure if this is an omission by the artist or a reality.

Next is Yellow 12 of Maj Ehrler, this time of 6./JG 5, also in Finland in 1943. His 109G-2 has a most interesting scheme of overall RLM 76 with RLM 71 splotches all over. The rudder and lower cowling are RLM 65.

Finally, Red 13 or Obfw Bartels of 11./JG 27. His aircraft is really quite popular in the last year or so as I have seen it done a number of times. This 109G-6/R6/trop is in standard RLM 74/75/76 with a white rudder and fuselage band. The plane was based in Greece during 1943.

Superscale provides insignia and data markings for all of the subjects on this sheet.

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