Superscale 48-761 for Bf-109 Aces (North Africa)

Units: JG 27 & JG 53




Scott Van Aken

Following the previous aces sheet, this one concentrates on those in North Africa and the surrounding Mediterranean area. With this sheet, you'll get the chance to try out some desert camouflage as all three planes are painted in RLM 79 over RLM 78 with white wingtips, spinner and fuselage band. The fuselage band has been supplied as a decal, but you may want to paint it on as it will end up looking better if you do.

First plane is the 109F-4 of Rudolph Sinner, the tech officer of JG 27. His aircraft is standard in every way and has the low demarcation line that was initially seen on desert 109Fs. He began his string of victories in North Africa so this plane only has a few kill markings on it.

Next is the 109G-4 of Gustav Rodel. His white 4 has gruppenkommander markings on it, but none of his kills. Rodel did not like to display his kills as he felt it singled him out to enemy aircraft. Like Sinner, Rodel was with JG 27. His G-4 has the mid-level demarcation line of later desert schemes.

Finally, from 8./JG 53 is Franz Schiess' 109F-4. This plane has a yellow rudder and carries his rather impressive score on it. The camouflage on his aircraft has a mid-fuselage demarcation line, but it is not even as with the other aircraft and shows signs of over-painting in areas of the aircraft.

If you are into the 109 and are seeking a desert scheme, this sheet will fill the bill quite nicely. As with all 109 sheets, full markings are offered for all schemes.

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