Superscale 48-748 for FW-190A Aces

Units: JG 1, JG 2




Scott Van Aken


With the demise of so many older Microscale sheets, additional information about some of those subjects, and the greatly improved printing and detail of the newer sheets, it is only natural that a few of these schemes be resurrected.

This particular sheet is for FW-190A aces. Each sheet includes full insignia and unique markings for each plane and a full stencil suite for one of them. As will all of the latest Superscale releases, the decals are crisp and clear with no misregistration.

The first plane is the FW-190A-7 of Heinz Bar as kommodore of II./JG 1. His aircraft has a red  fuselage band (that you'll have to paint) and his impressive tally on the rudder.

Next is Siegfried Schnell's FW-190A-4 with JG 2. It has a yellow rudder with his score and a yellow panel under the nose. It also has a large black area behind the exhaust that is provided as a decal.

Finally, the FW-190A-4 of an unknown pilot also from JG2. It is painted in a similar manner to Schnell's plane, but has a more extensive black area on the nose section. Looks familiar, eh?

There is no recommended kit for this sheet, but to my knowledge, only Dragon/DML makes the A-4 in 1/48 and you can easily backdate an A-8 (again from Dragon/DML) to meet A-7 standards.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

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