Superscale 48-741 for FW-190D-9 Aces




SG 2 / JG 54 / JG 26


Scott Van Aken



The Fw-190D-9 seems to be a very popular modeling subject. You always see a number of them at shows and contests, so it was natural that Superscale would release a sheet or two on this aircraft. Thanks to breakthroughs in research because of all the information becoming available over the last ten years, we know a great deal more about the colors and markings of these planes.

This particular sheet has markings for three planes. The first is for Hans Rudel of SG 2, who is more well known for his Stuka exploits. This D-9 is outfitted for ground attack with outer wing bomb racks. The aircraft is in a variety of colors, the most prominent being RLM 82/83 over RLM 76.

Next is Gerhard Michalski's D-9. He was Kommodore of JG 54 and unfortunately, no upper surface colors are given. The only notes are that the nose area is dappled with RLM 76 and the area behind the canopy dappled with RLM 74. One can assume an RLM 82/83 color scheme but others would not be incorrect as the state of flux in colors was rampant at the time. This aircraft can be built with the old JG 4 Reich defense band or it can be built with it overpainted with RLM 83/74.

Finally, is Blue 10 of Peter-Paul Steidl of JG 26. This is the most 'normal' aircraft on the sheet. Though no wing camo information is given, the fuselage is noted as being in RLM 82 over RLM 76. It has the black and white Reich defense band common to JG 26 aircraft.

Full stencils are given for two of the aircraft and you also are given the white nose spirals used on the first two planes.

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