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Superscale 48-703 for Bf-109E Aces


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JG 3 & JG 26

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Scott Van Aken



The third sheet of the Battle of Britain Bf-109E aces trilogy is also for the 109E-4. Again, these offer a couple of different camouflage and markings applications that will look great on your 109E-4 of choice. As with the previous sheets, there are sufficient markings to do both aircraft so no additional decal sheets need be purchased to complete the second plane. 

While I am on the subject, I think that what seems to be a trend by Superscale to offer a complete suite of markings for the subjects covered on the sheet is a good one. There are many times when I have bought a sheet from another company and had to spend the money on an additional sheet  just to have the national insignia or the data markings. While it may not be feasible to do all the data markings for two F-15s on a sheet, for these smaller planes it is a real help and one that I appreciate.

First plane is that of Wilhelm Balthasar, the Kommandeur of III./JG 3. His aircraft is painted in RLM 71 and 02 uppers with RLM 65 lowers. His E-4 sports the obligatory yellow nose and rudder. An interesting thing is that the RLM 71 upper color is carried very far down the fuselage side and ends in a wavy pattern. Again, very non-standard and the sort of thing that adds interest to a camouflage scheme.

The other Bf-109E-4 is from 9./JG 26. Gerhard Shopfel's 109 is an almost standard RLM 71/02 upper with RLM 65 lower surfaces. However, the tips of the wings, tailplanes and a section of the rudder are in yellow, making for a very pleasing scheme.

I built a Hasegawa 109E using this scheme and it turned out quite well as you can see from the image below.

Regardless of which scheme you choose, you'll be pleased with the resulting model.

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