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Superscale 48-702 for Bf-109E Aces


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JG 51 & JG 53

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Scott Van Aken



If one great 109E aces sheet doesn't seem enough, here is a second one. This time two other aces from two different units from the first sheet. This time, the subvariant of the Bf-109E is the E-3. This plane differed slightly from the E-4 in terms of weapons and the canopy with the E-4 having a more square framework and having armored head protection as part of the package. Often times, the later E-4 canopy was affixed to the earlier E-3, but you really need to check your references to be sure it was done on the plane you are modeling.

The first one is the mount of a young Heinz Bar. Bar's 109E-3 is from  I./JG 51 and painted in RLM 71/02 upper with RLM 65 undersurfaces. His aircraft is not mottled on the side and carried a non-standard wavy demarcation line between the upper and lower colors. As with most aircraft from France during the Battle of Britain, his aircraft has a yellow nose and rudder. Bar went on to becoming the highest scoring Me-262  jet ace of the war.

The second 109E is from Werner Molders, the Kommodore of III./JG 53. Devoid of the yellow markings of Bar's plane, this E-3 was painted in the much earlier colors of RLM 70/71 uppers with RLM 65 lowers. Another oddity is that the fuselage sides and tail were painted in RLM 02 over which a mottle of RLM 70 and 71 was applied. This would make for a most unusual scheme and would also be a challenge to paint, as the early splinter camo was quite involved.

As with the previous sheet, there is a full suite of data stencils and insignia so you can build both aircraft with no trouble at all. Either scheme would look just great on your Hasegawa or Tamiya 1/48 Bf-109E-3.

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