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Superscale 48-701 for Bf-109E Aces


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JG 2 & JG 26

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Scott Van Aken



This is probably the first new Bf-109E sheet from Superscale in quite a long while, and it couldn't have been more welcome. At least by this writer. I have a particular fondness for the 109E and look forward to every new kit, book  or decal sheet on the subject. 

Superscale has done a particularly nice job on this as well as their other new decal sheets. On this sheet are all the markings you will need to complete both subject. No need for an additional stencil or insignia sheet. In this matter, I applaud them, as often when one buys a sheet, they are unable to build all the subjects on them because there isn't room for all the data markings. In addition, the white surround to the swastika is separate to alleviate any problems with misregistration.

As is only appropriate for a sheet on Battle of Britain Luftwaffe Aces, two of the most famous are presented.

First is Helmut Wick, Kommandeur of I./JG 2. His 109E-4 is in RLM 71/02 upper and RLM 65 undersurfaces. His aircraft has a yellow nose, as was common with aircraft operating from French bases and has a rather heavy mottling on the fuselage sides in RLM 71/74. This mottling was done with a sponge so isn't the soft-edged stuff that came later on.

The other aircraft is of Adoflf Galland, the Kommodore of JG 26. Also sporting a yellow nose and a yellow rudder, his 109E-4 is in the later colors of RLM 74/75 upper with RLM 76 undersides The fuselage side of his aircraft is also mottled, but this time by spray gun and with RLM 75.

Both of these men kept the tally of their kills on both sides of the rudder.

If you have been looking for a set of decals with which to start your 109 Aces collection, you couldn't do any better than this one.

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