Superscale 48-037: 43 BG B-24 Liberators

Units: 43 BG




Scott Van Aken

This is probably one of the more sought after decals sheets that Microscale/Superscale ever did. It is also one of the earliest sheets produced and cost $4.50 when the others were selling for $2 and $2.50. This one has three B-24Js from the 43rd Bomb Group, all of them in natural metal from the late war period. What makes the sheet so desirable is that it contains three very large nose artwork, including probably the biggest one ever applied to a warplane.

That artwork is for 'Dragon and his Tail' from the 64th BS. How long it took to apply this massive work can only be guessed, but it is obvious that the artist had a lot of time on his hand! In terms of size, it basically covers one of the two sheets in this set.

Next is 'Mables Labels' from an unknown unit. In fact, little else is known about the aircraft, including its serial number. At least, that is what was know back in the early 1970s when this sheet was issued. Perhaps a reader has more information.

Finally, there is 'Cocktail Hour' from the 64th Bomb Squadron. Its huge artwork is on the left side of the plane. As usual, the subject is one that was always close to the hearts of the crews!

For kits, you have a choice of Monogram or Monogram. They are the only ones that have produced this and other large US bombers. Though old, they still make excellent models. We can be thankful that they were done at all! Insignia for these markings will have to come from the kit or other sheets as there just wasn't room on either sheets for them.

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