Superscale 48-013: Mosquito FB.VI

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

This sheet is designed for the Monogram Mossie, though I'd not doubt that the markings would easily fit the Airfix or the Tamiya one without any problems. All of them have some form of small nose art on the nose, the entrance door or both. There are insignia for one Aussie bird (or two if they have no lower wing insignia) and one RAF one.

First up is a 1 Sq  RAAF Mossie FBVI  that is in overall aluminum paint. It has art work on the forward fusealge, fin and the crew entrance door.

Also from 1 Sq RAAF is the next plane with art on the nose and entrance door.

The first RAF plane is from 418 Sq with red spinners on the Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey scheme

Finally in Dark Green and Dark Sea Grey over Flat black, is this 23 Sq Mossie. Obviously used as a night fighter.

Review copy courtesy of me and my diligent searching through piles of decals at swap meets.

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