Superscale 72-521: F-16 International

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$Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

This rather elderly sheet covers four F-16A Falcons delivered to various countries in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Most are in the standard scheme of FS 36118/ 36270/ 36375, otherwise known as the 'three greys' scheme.

The first two aircraft are from the Belgian Air Force. No unit information is given for either one of them, but the first one has markings for either Farnborough or the Paris Air Show. These would be initial delivery/build aircraft as the F-16 for most European countries was built by a consortium of countries.

The third aircraft is as delivered to the Egyptian Air Force.

The last one is an Israeli AF aircraft in FS 34227/30219/33531 uppers with 35622 undersides.

On the sheet are data and stencil markings for all three aircraft using the early orange markings. As was so typical of these older Superscale sheets, there are some off-registration issues with the band of flags and some of the roundels don't appear to be properly centered.

Review sheet courtesy of me.

September 2005

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