Superscale 72-444: H-53 Super Stallion

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Scott Van Aken

Now for yet another oldie, this one covers the H-53 Super Stallion helo. This is the older two engine version. At the time, Airfix and Revell were the only ones doing this as a kit. Later Fujimi did one that is probably the best of the three. The Italeri kit now out is the later version with three engines.

First up is an HH-53C from 6594TG at Hickham AFB in 1980. This helo was used to catch film capsules sent down from orbiting satellites. It is in the grey and white scheme.

Next is a Navy mine sweeper  RH-53D from HM-16 around 1983. This one is in overall engine grey (FS16081)

Finally a Euro I camouflaged CH-53C from the 601 TCW from mid 1982.

The sheet contains all the insignia and data markings needed for all three subjects

December 2006

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