Superscale 48-968: A-4M Skyhawk

Units: VMA-311


$ 8.00


Scott Van Aken

With the recent release of the Hasegawa A-4M version of the Skyhawk, it was inevitable that Superscale and others would bring out decal sheets. To Superscale's benefit, they had released a number of A-4M sheets many years ago for the ESCI version. A little bit of updating allowed this first new pair to be done. Both of these planes are years apart, but both in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme.

I find that this is a nice way to do a decal sheet. VMA-311 was one of the first A-4M operators and on this sheet you find one early aircraft, without all the various antennas on the fin and nose that sprang up during the aircraft's life, and another a few years later after all those mods had been added. You might also notice that the camo scheme on the nose changed a bit with the later aircraft.

Superscale provides full insignia, nose anti-glare panel and tail hook stripes for one of the two options. A second anti-glare panel has been added if you wish to use it when doing the second scheme using kit decals.

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