Superscale 48-1162: FW-190D-9

Units: JG 3, JG 6 & JG 51




Scott Van Aken

This one is a reprint of an earlier sheet, but very welcome. There are several kit options for this sheet. Starting with probably the oldest in 1/48 is the Fujimi kit. This was a fine kit for its time, but has been overtaken by more modern releases. Then came the much better Dragon DML kit that has super detail, but suffers from fiddly fit. The newest one is from Tamiya. There has been much discussion on the inaccuracies of this kit from the experten, but I can tell you that it is by far the easiest of the three to build. Should you wish to correct any of the glitches in this kit, there are a number of aftermarket parts available for you to buy to fix it up. The Tamiya kit is the one that is recommended.

The first aircraft on the sheet is for Gerhard Barkhorn, Kommodore of JG 6. This plane is in RLM 81/82 over RLM 76 and carries the red and white Reich defense band of JG 6.

Next is Kurt Tanzer's RLM 75/83 over RLM 76 'Dora' from JG 51. This is a very 'standard' appearing D-9 without any unusual markings other than the 13 staffel wavy line on the aft fuselage.

Finally is Oskar Romm's Gruppenkommandeur aircraft from IV/ JG 3. This one shows fuselage colors of RLM 75 over RLM 76. No wing camo is given so it is up to your research to see what you can find.

As it now standard with Superscale sheets, there is a reference section as well as a good data placement guide. You should be aware that many of these late war planes were sent to units with just a minimum of data on them, so if you don't use all the data bits, no need to feel it isn't prototypical.

February 2007

Thanks to Superscale for the review sheet. Get yours at your favorite hobby shop.

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