Superscale 48-8: FW-190

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Scott Van Aken

This is nearly the oldest 1/48 Superscale sheet (actually Microscale back then) that I have in my collection. It is for the FW-190 and at the time, the only really good 1/48 FW-190 was the Monogram kit. Like many Monogram kits of that time, it was able to be built as a number of different versions. Probably none of them were totally accurate as the same basic airframe was used for them, but I can tell you that I saw a lot of superbly done models using this kit. Thanks to the age of this one, no RLM colors are used, only comments like 'Medium Grey and Dark Grey segmented top'. Interestingly, just about all of them are listed as being 'Black Green and Dark Green' for upper surface colors and we KNOW that this is not the standard FW-190 colors. For brevity, I'll just list the camo as being greys or greens.

First is a JG 2 plane of Josef Wurmheller in the green scheme with fuselage mottling.

Second is listed as a G model in the greens from 1./JG 54 with a white panel behind the swastika. Yellow Eastern Front markings.

Another G also in greens from 5./SG 1, also with Eastern Front markings and a red/white tipped spinner.

From II./JG 1 is Heinz Bar's plane in greens with red on the lower cowling.

Ernst Schroder's 5./JG 300 plane is next in greys with red for the lower cowl and fuselage band.

Finally a JG 2 plane in greens.

The sheet offers only the white backed swastika and a selection of insignia so you could probably do one plane with what's on the sheet. The other markings need to come from the kit or alternate sources. While the colors given in the instructions are probably inaccurate for most of these planes, the markings are still useful.

January 2007

Review copy courtesy of my decal collection.

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