Stormo 48005: Italian Bf-109 Aces part 2
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Scott Van Aken

This is Stormo Magazine's fifth 1/48 sheet and they have picked an excellent subject. This one includes options for six planes with most of them being late war ANR planes. There are G-6, G-10 and G-14 options for the late war planes and two very similar F-4s for the RA option. All are for pilots who reached Ace status.

First up is Carlo Miani's 109G-14 in RLM 83/75/76 from early 1945 while based at Aviano. Typical of most ANR 109s of this period it has retained the German insignia.

Next is a late war G-6 with the wooden tail as flown by Ugo Drago. RLM 74/75/76 on this one with a yellow lower cowling and lower wing tips with a tight spiral on the spinner. Also based at Aviano in late 1944.

Loris Baldi's 109G-10 is the third option. This one has a 'type 110' cowling (though the drawing doesn't show it) and is painted in RLM 83/75/76. Also from Aviano in early 1945.

The fourth option is Mario Bellagambi's 109G-14. RLM 83/75/76 with the rudder in RLM 81/83. This aircraft was based at Osoppo in March 1945.

The fifth and sixth options are almost identical. These are 109F-4s with white fuselage bands and wing tips. Antonio Camaloni was the pilot of both and the second option has a tight black spiral on a white spinner (or is it a white spiral on the blackspinner). The first option has no insignia with the German markings overpainted in grey, while the second option does have the insignia. 

This 1/48 sheet is superbly printed. There are enough insignia to build several aircraft if you pick and choose wisely. Data markings and nose spirals are included with this sheet. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Catrograf.

Though there are other kits, the vast majority of you will pick the excellent Hasegawa kits for this one.

October 2010

Review copy courtesy of  Stormo Magazine. Order direct from the link.

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