Stormo 48007: Battle of Malta - Macchi C.202 Aces
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Scott Van Aken

This is Stormo Magazine's seventh 1/48 sheet and they have picked an excellent subject. There are eight subjects and all are Italian MC.202 aces during the Battle of Malta time frame. There are a variety of camouflage patterns as used by the aircraft during that time frame. What they all have in common are the white band around the rear fuselage. These planes do not have the white wing tips that became common later in the war.

Here is what is on the sheet and apologies if I misspell some of the names.

97a Sq plane flown by Jacopo Frigerio. This one has a yellow nose, which is unique among the rest of the options.

151a Sq's CO is next. This plane was flown by Furio Niclot Doglio

Third is Ennio Tarantola's 151a Sq aircraft.

From 90a Sq is Amleto Monterumici's aircraft.

Another 151a Sq plane (one of my favorites as is has the cat and mice marking) is Feruccio Serafini.

The sixth option is the 155o Gruppo C.O. Dulio Fanali

Next up is the 86a Sq mount of Adriano Visconti.

Finally we have Carlo Miani's plane when he was C.O. of 360a Sq.

Instructions are superb giving a detailed description of each plane and its camouflage. A camo chart is provided that gives the closest FS 595 match, which will help out in many cases where one cannot get Italian colors. Upper surface views are also provided as is a data placement diagram.

An excellent set of markings for the MC.202. This should get some of you headed for the stash or store to start a build!

June 2017

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