Starfighter Decals 72-162: Fortress of the Skies part 3: E Models


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Scott Van Aken


For the Academy kit

This third early B-17 sheet covers what most consider the first combat ready B-17, the B-17E. C/D version and specifically, those that operated in the Pacific in 1941/42. Not surprising is that the majority if these planes were in the standard OD over neutral grey scheme. However, a few of these aircraft were painted in what is known as the 'Hawaiian Depot Scheme'. This was an interesting scheme of rust brown, sand, olive, medium green and blue-grey over neutral grey. The instructions provides a full top, right and left side drawing of this interesting scheme for the planes that wore it.

There are eight options on this sheet. In order of how they are in the instructions:

First is 'Honikuuhe Okole' of the 19th BG in RAF temperate sea search colors .

Next is 'San Antonio Rose', also of the 19th BG. It was one of the first B-17s to arrive in Australia and is painted in the Hawaiian Depot scheme. This aircraft has red/white rudder stripes.

In the same scheme but with the stripes overpainted in either black or fresh OD is a 5 BG plane that operated from Midway in 1942.

'Old Maid' is another 5 BG plane at Midway in June 1942 in the Hawaii scheme.

From the 11th BG is 'Miss Fit' in the Hawaii scheme that was a Pearl Harbor in 1941. It was one of several B-17Es that shot down a Mavis flying boat.

'The Blue Goose' was an 11 BG plane painted in an overall blue shade that is known as the Hawaiian Sea Search scheme. Only three known planes were in this scheme.

The last two with the 11th BG are in the standard scheme. This includes 'Madame X' which was a veteran of the Battle of Midway, and 'Typhoon McGoon', which was equipped with ASW radar.

The sheet is for the only B-17E currently available in this scale and it is from Academy. The sheet is superbly printed and comes with complete color instructions.

October 2019

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