Starfighter Decals 72-161: Fortress of the Skies part 2: C/D Models


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Scott Van Aken


For the Academy kit

This second early B-17 sheet covers the C/D version and specifically, those that operated in the Pacific in 1941/42.   Designed with 1930s warfare in mind, it was expected that these planes would be able to fly missions unescorted and so it defensive armament, while considerable for the time, was inadequate to say the least. Very early planes were were festooned by streamlined blisters in which to house these guns. Later planes like these did away with most of those an favor of flat gun positions or tubs.

However the plane had to start somewhere and while not ready for prime time, the B-17B/C/D versions were put into service, albeit in small numbers. The B-17C/D was getting closer to a useful strategic bomber but was still lacking in some crew and aircraft safety features. Many of these early planes were used in combat, though they were quickly relegated to training. At least those that survived. 

This sheet covers several of these early planes.

First up are two unpainted metal B-17Ds. The firs with the 14th Bomb Squadron based in Australia during late 1941. white cowlings on this. The other is an 11 BG plane based in the Philippines in OCt 1941

The next three are all camouflaged in OD over Neutral Grey. First up is an 11 BG B-17Ce named 'Spipper which crassed on the way to the Philippines on 7 December 1941.

A B-17D with the 7th BG based at Hamilton Field in 1941 is next, followed by a similar plane with the 19th BG in the Philippines during 1941.

The last option is a very unusual plane. This B-17D is in the fairly rare 'Hawaiian Depot Scheme' and was photogrphed over Oahu in February 1942. A most colorful option.

A very nicely printed decal sheet and should you be lucky enough to have one of the fairly difficult to locate Academy kits, then this would be a great way to get some decent markings for your kit. April 2019

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