Starfighter Decals 72-157: F4D-1 Skyray


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Scott Van Aken


For the Tamiya or Airfix kit

Starfighter Decals has provided some very nice options for the Tamiya or Airfix F4D-1 Skyray. While the title of the sheet implies USN only, half of these are USMC. All planes are in the light gull grey over white white scheme with the upper grey being semi-matte.

The first option is from VMF-314 based in Taiwan during the 1958 Taiwan Straight crisis.

Next is a VF-141 'Iron Angels' plane aboard the USS Essex in 1956.

The third option is with VF-23. It is shown as it was when aboard the USS Hancock in 1958. This scheme includes the black and yellow drop tank markings.

Finally a VMF-542 'Grey Ghosts' plane from 1959.

If using the Tamiya kit, you can get the grey and black wing walk and anti-glare panels from the kit markings.

This is a most welcome sheet and should encourage you to finally build the Skyray kit you have in your stash.

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June 2018

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