Starfighter Decals 72-152: Bent Wing Birds part 3


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Scott Van Aken


For Revell/Matchbox 1/72 kit

December 4, 1950, aircraft from VF-32 was providing air support for the US Marines by the Chosin Reservoir. Ens. Jessie Brown crash landed due to ground fire. With the SAR helicopter 15 min. away, Lt. J.G. Thomas Hunder Jr, landed his Corsair by Ens. Browns' downed aircraft and attempted to remove him from the plane and prevent his capture. Despite his attempts and the crew of the SAR Helicopter, Ens. Brown did not survive. For his efforts, Lt. Hunder was awarded the Medal of Honor and Ens. Brown was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Ens. Brown was the first USN Officer to lose his life in the Korean Conflict.

This sheet concentrates on the aircraft from that event. The Cartograf printed decals offers markings for both of those planes. As there is some question of exactly the right nose number of one of them, alternate markings are provided. There is no recommended kit for this, but all I can recall being available in terms of the F4U-4 is the Matchbox kit, which at one time was reissued by Revell, who bought the company.

The instructions provide full placement information. We should support Starfighter by purchasing this and their other sheets as they do very interesting subjects and should be encouraged to do more in the future.

Note that I darkened the sheet to make the white parts more visible.

March 2017

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