Starfighter Decals 72-149: F-102 Daggers in ANG Service


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Scott Van Aken



Here is a nice sheet from Starfighter Decals for the F-102A Delta Dagger. The recommended kit is from Meng, but you could use the older Hasegawa version, though you have to be wary and ensure it has the proper wing. Meng offers kits with either one.

The first scheme is from the 146 FIS, Pennsylvannia ANG. This is overall ADC Grey with black trim and white wing fences. Case XX wing.

Next is one from the 118 FIS, Connecticut ANG. This one has the case X wing and ret trim on the wing fences.

The final options is from the 102 FIS, New York ANG and is in the SEA paint scheme worn in their last years. This plane has the case X wing. Note that the aircraft has no wing insignia, which is a bit unusual.

The sheet comes with a color markings placement guide. Any stencils will need to come from the kit.

November 2016

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