Starfighter Decals 144-203: Atlantic Coast Hawkeyes


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Scott Van Aken


For the Revell kit.

Starfighter Decals has released a new sheet for the Revell AG 1/144 E-2C Hawkeye kit. This sheet contains markings for three aircraft and since the Revell kit does the aircraft prior to the new props, these are all older prop options. All the planes are either overall light gull grey or light gull grey over white. The sheet only offers the unique markings so common markings will need to be gleaned from the kit decal sheet. 

The first option is for a plane from VAW-124 'Bear Aces'. This is the light gull grey over white option. The red trim on the outside of the fin is supplied as a decal. This is a 1981 scheme while with the USS Nimitz.

Next is from VAW-125 'Tiger tails' in 1996 when aboard the USS Enterprise. By this time the planes were overall light gull grey. Note that there is no black edge to the rotodome.

Finall, from 2005 is a VAW-126 'Sea Hawk' aircraft. This scheme is from their cruise aboard the USS Harry Truman. The decal sheet is nicely printed and includes the nose anti-glare panel.

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February 2015

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