Sky Decals 72-034

Units: All of them




Scott Van Aken

I'll refer you to the review of the 1/48 sheet for all the background information and info on the sheet itself. What is obviously different is that there are 45 different aircraft on this sheet and that includes an aircraft that was captured by the British. You'll also note that there are more insignia provided here as well. This is simply because the markings take up less room so there is room for more of them on the sheet. Like the bigger scales, this sheet is superbly printed and spot on in registration.

Probably the only drawback is the lack of suitable kits in this scale. Now unless Hasegawa snuck one by me, the only kit I'm aware of that is readily available is the rather old one from Supermodel. The instructions do not give a preferred kit, though there are a number of excellent references, some actually in English!

The instruction booklet gives basically profiles with one overhead shot for insignia placement. A color guide on the back gives FS 595, Humbrol, Molak, Tamiya, Gunze, and Testors paint references. There is also a list of sources from whence the markings were gleaned. A couple of the pages are duplicated at the beginning of the review.

All in all, Sky sheets are probably the best 'bang for the buck' when it comes to aftermarket decals. If you can't find them locally, then they can be obtained from the link below.

Review copy courtesy of Pacific Coast Models. Thanks for your support.

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