SB Decals 48-003; Feisty Felines part 1

Units: VF- 41, VF-84 and VF-213


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Scott Van Aken

For their third release, SB Decals has chosen to provide markings for a single aircraft during three times in its service life. These markings are scaled for the Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat, but should also fit the Monogram, Fujimi or Italeri kit should you wish to use any of those.

The aircraft chosen is 160390, one of two aircraft involved in the destruction of Lybian Su-22s during the 1981 Gulf of Sidra incident.

First is the plane as it was during that engagement while with VF-41. The aircraft was overall gloss light gull grey and the sheet provides all the necessary markings in use at that time.

Next a VF-84 scheme. This time, it was overall FS 36320 with a black tail. The sheet provides alternate outboard fin markings should you wish to model it that way.

Finally, its last scheme with VF-213 when Lt Kara Hultgren lost the aircraft on approach to the Abraham Lincoln in 1994. This time it is in the standard Tactical Paint Scheme.

SB Decals provides enough data markings and insignia so that you can build all three aircraft.

Overall a fine sheet and my thanks to SB Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the link above.

May 2007

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