Repliscale SP-003: F-102 Delta Dagger

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Scott Van Aken

Repliscale is one of those companies that came on the scene in the 1990s, put out some very nice sheets and then disappeared. I think part of the issue is that they did not produce full size sheets. I bought a 1/72 MiG-29 sheet from them for the standard retail price of decals back then, and found I had a 2 x 2 inch sheet that simply had insignia for four planes on it. This sheet is fairly good size but about 15% shorter than a similar one from Superscale.

The subject is F-102s in 1/48 scale, and as you can see, it is basically unique markings, with insignia and such having to come from the kit.

First up is a plane from 526 FIS based in Germany during 1961. Like all the options, this is overall ADC grey. For this scheme, the red/white striped fin decals is provided.

Next is a 431 FIS plane based at Zaragosa Spain in 1964. Note that even though the instructions call for FS 16440, it is really FS 16473.

On the third option from the 496 FIS, the fin markings, which are black and yellow, need to be painted on.

Finally a 40 FIS aircraft based at Yokota Japan in 1961. The sheet provides only a single 'FC' for the buzz number with the last three digits applied depending on the scheme you use.

Each of the aircraft has a note with it for any additional information needed to finish the plane. Repliscale does not differentiate on the wing types, which is now pretty much a requirement as Monogram kitted both. Since none of these planes have a serial of 56-1317 or later, they all have Case X wings.

May 2019

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