Rising Decals RD 48029: Ki-51 'Sonia'

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$26.75 by the time it got to my door.


Scott Van Aken

The Ki-51 was a Japanese light attack/dive bomber that was also used for reconnaissance. It was produced in fair numbers and operated in many areas occupied by Japan during WWII. It was rugged, reliable and, like the Ju-87, operated best in areas where there was air superiority.

Thanks to the release of the Wingsy kit, we now have a nice aftermarket sheet for those who want something different from what the kit offers. This set will also work just fine on the older Nichimo kit if you have one in your stash.

There are seven markings options provided, all of them with a base shade of some sort of grey, either a light blue grey or a green grey. Most options also have the yellow wing ID bands, but not all.

So here is what you get:

1. An unidentified unit based at Balikpapan in 1945. It has the blue grey paint with long wiggly stripes of green on all upper and side surfaces.

2. A green-grey plane without the wing bands from another unidentified unit. This is undoubtedly from very early in the war.

3. This plane is from the 44th Hiko Sentai based in China during 1943. Upper surfaces are in dark green with a large area on the fuselage overpainted with fresh paint.

4. Based at Tokorozawa Air Base in Japan during September 1942 is this aircraft with a base of the blue-grey. It also has a lot of green stripes on it's upper surface and with a white square behind the insignia on the fuselage only. No wing ID yellow.

5. Another unidentified unit, though probably a special attack unit based in Okinawa during 1945. Blue grey base color with very large green camouflage sections.

6&7. This is the same plane at two different times. First the standard 89th Hiko Chutai plane in Borneo in mid 1946. Green upper surfaces and green grey under. The other is post war with the green surrender crosses. Note that this plane does not have the lower wheel spats.

The decals are well done and the instructions provide a good deal of information in addition to placement information. Rising Decals tend to sell out rather quickly so finding this sheet may be difficult.

March 2020

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