PYN-up Decals 72-011: Ploesti Heroes pt 1

Units: 376 and 389 BG




Scott Van Aken


This particular sheet covers two aircraft that participated in the Ploesti raid of  1943. This sheet will fit any 1/72 B-24D with the early nose as none of the markings are really kit critical. Most will go with the Academy kit, though I'm sure there are some that will want to use the old Revell issue. I should note that neither of these aircraft have a lower ball turret and used the ring mounted .50 cal machine gun. I know of no aftermarket option for this feature.

First up, in Desert Sand over Neutral Grey is 'Wongo Wongo' of the 513 BS/376 BG. Both 8" and 10" serials are provided as there is some question as to which was used.

The other is 'Fightin Sam' of the 566 BS/589 BG in OD over Neutral Grey. This aircraft survived the war and is shown in three different markings schemes.

The instruction sheet is superbly done and there is an extensive history of each aircraft which clears up a number of misconceptions about these aircraft. Markings are provided so that you can do both aircraft and the finely detailed nose art markings are in duplicate in case you need an extra

These sheets are extremely limited to 300 copies so if you want it, you need to get it soon.

November 2006

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