Pyn-up Decals 48-017: Liberated Chics pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

For the second new B-24 sheet in 1/48, we have another J and H model. For the H model, Cutting Edge offers a replacement nose that provides the correct Ford turret and bombardier's position.

First up is a B-24H-15 from the 493rd BG. This one is 'Leo', one of the famous Zodiac bombers of that group. It looks to be fairly new with only three missions. Other than the cool nose art, the only other color are yellow prop hubs.

The second aircraft on the sheet is actually an F-7A photo recon bird. Based on the B-24J-1 airframe, 'Hangover Heaven' has an outrageous nose art of a drunken pink elephant. This type of artwork was typical of the 20th CMS. The aircraft has the cockpit framework in OD, which is a bit unusual. The decal sheet supplies the camera windows so there is no need for you to do any major conversion work.

Like all Pyn-up decals, the nose artwork is superbly done on special paper. Since there is not room on the main sheet for insignia, you can get those from CED48271.


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